Visual Arts

Our Visual arts curriculum uses standards from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our art programme vision “The process is just as important as the art created” has an emphasis on the process in the practice of art making. This learning journey stimulates creative action and response by engaging the senses, imagination, analytical thinking and emotions. Art education explores, challenges, affirms and celebrates artistic and aesthetic expressions of the self, community, culture, and our unique school environment of a bilingual education rich in cultural diversity.

With a strong emphasis on the creative process, the IPC art curriculum allows for more trans-disciplinary connections between subjects in approaches to learning. Students are given opportunities to identify and reflect on the ‘big ideas’ within the arts and other subject areas.

Through the arts curriculum, students learn about our school values and gain valuable skills such as confidence in self-expression, risk-taking, creative thinking, reflection, and art knowledge and theory. The elements of art and principles of design are explored through theoretical and practical skills, including colour and painting, exploring different materials, positive and negative space, sketching, mark making, 3D exploration and ceramics.