Pao Press

Pao Press is a bi-annual publication that delivers stories and reports on the latest developments at Pao School. Rich and varied in content, Pao Press gives readers an insight to the Pao School community, with riveting stories that range from teachers travelling across the Gobi Desert to Year 9 students experiencing life at our boarding campus. Each issue is filled with detailed information, from an introduction to the IGCSE curriculum to student reflections on their Summer Camp adventures. Pao Press is the ultimate guide to understanding Pao School's mission as well as day-to-day happenings at the school.

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Student Publications


Pao Student

Pao Student is the brainchild of Pao School's Student Literary Club. The publication provides an in-depth look into students’ lives on and off campus, and also serves as a platform to showcase students’ writing, reading and overall creative and management abilities. Pao Student was named and entirely overseen by students, who also drafted, edited, and printed its content.








Pao Student Issue 24

pao student issue 23

Pao Student Issue 18

pao student issue 17

Pao student issue 16

pao student issue 15



English Gazette

The English Gazette is an outlet for children and their teachers to celebrate English language learning across the various departments in the school.  Articles published showcase exemplary efforts from students and in turn provide inspiration for others to contribute.  In doing so, children become proactive in using English creatively and realise that English serves a wider purpose that extends beyond the classroom.









English Gazette Issue 4

english gazette issue 3

english gazette issue 2

english gazette issue 1



Science Journal

Pao School Secondary Division's 'Science Journal' showcases its students' scientific findings and achievements. Its articles are entirely written by the students, under the supervision and guidance of teachers. Witness the growth of Pao School's students as they become the next generation of scientists!









Spring 2016