Professional Learning

Our Philosophy 

As a school, we want to give all our staff a chance to develop through a range of courses, qualifications, and coaching opportunities. The Centre will enhance our colleagues' career development, recognize talent, enable growth, training and be used strategically for succession planning.

We will not be enforcing a one-size fit all approach to teaching and learning but introducing recipients of the courses to evidence-based best practice to enhance the repertoire of skills they should draw on in developing their own classroom practice.

The courses will be founded on principles of the good practice. Exemplars of good practice will be used but never imposed.


Our Aims and Objectives 



  • To create internal support system and structure, serve the needs of our own teachers and students: achieve academic excellence;
  • To establish external customized courses offered for profit to the community: be a leading school in China.


  • To create a culture in YK Pao School where best practice teaching and learning is commonplace and where all staff are engaged in professional learning in an open, transparent environment where classrooms are open and all learn from one another
  • To deliver a comprehensive, integrated programme of courses and qualifications to ensure excellence in all areas of educational life;
  • To partner with world leading Higher Education Institutes who work with YK Pao to research, deliver and accredit, using YK Pao as Laboratory School[*] and Centre of Excellence


[*]  A Laboratory School is a school which works closely with academic educationalists and consultants and where every aspect of teaching and learning is closely reviewed and teachers are voluntarily part of a learning community who continuously seek to improve their practice. All teachers are content to be observed and discuss their work with others, taking advice and constructive criticism, and sharing what they know and what they can do with others both in the school and outside.


Our Expected Outcome


RESEARCH: To research and capture best practice teaching and learning delivery from what is happening at YK Pao, locally, nationally and internationally

  • Define best practice in
  1. Teaching & Learning
  2. Use of Educational Technology
  3. Leadership & Management
  4. Bilingualism
  5. Boarding & Pastoral Care
  6. Range of specific support staff skills necessary to offer excellent service to staff, parents, and students
  • Action Research projects routinely undertaken in-house, and all staff equipped to be able to reflect scientifically on their practice
  • Post-graduation degrees undertaken
  • Professional Learning Library established
  • Online platform developed to access world best input


NEEDS ANALYSIS: Whilst the performance management process will continue to be handled by line-managers, the Centre will provide tools for self-, peer-, and manager evaluation of performance – with training – on how to support the development of each employee, including a training a team of teaching coaches & mentors who will undertake observation (often in pairs with line-managers) to support teaching.

The Professional Management process will be changed to support an ongoing Professional Growth model.


DELIVER: To construct and then deliver measurably effective training programmes that support the development of all our teachers in becoming even better at what they do – the courses will range from induction and initial teacher training, through to advanced best practice and leadership development. Additional structures – like Professional Learning Communities & Coaching & Mentoring – will also be used when necessary to achieve the learning aims of the Centre.

Involvement in regular Professional Learning will be part of an employee’s contractual requirement and will be on-going and consistent.


PARTNER: To work with top universities and teacher training providers around the world to create a partnership of best practice

  • Being a Centre of Research and key partner with world experts in
  1. bilingual education,
  2. curriculum development and
  3. blended East /West pedagogy
  • The Centre will seek to host courses run by other providers – especially from CIE, IB, EARCOS, ACAMIS, Fobisia, IACAC



  • The Centre will offer its own Certificates and Diplomas as well which are needed for internal progression and benchmarked against international standards
  • The center will offer a range of professional qualifications offered by related providers e.g. Cambridge CIE PDQs, Nottingham University PGCEi qualification, various Master degree, and relevant modules


INNOVATION: Attached to the Professional Learning Centre will be Innovations Units to manage all innovation in the school in a formalized way to ensure ideas are properly developed and embedded.


SHARE: To become a Centre for, and a byword in, educational excellence, offering conferences and training programmes run by our own staff and visiting professionals that will attract from all over and advertise YK Pao School. It will produce a Quarterly/Annual publication of its finding, host a website/blog, including a database of internally produced research, and seek to be a major thought leader in the International Education space. The Centre will host a major conference annually – The YK Pao Global Education Conference.