Teaching materials

Nine-year compulsory education maths textbooks and exercise books published by Shanghai Education Press.


Teaching hours

5 lessons/week



  • Focus on the knowledge acquisition process: We give students sufficient opportunity to experience the learning process, to cultivate their thinking and problem solving skills.
  • A dynamic classroom: The curriculum is designed based on students’ age-level characteristics, and ensure lesson content is as close to students’ own life as possible. Teachers engage students’ learning by using simple but vivid language and organising lively and interesting activities.
  • A variety of activities: In addition to traditional classroom activities, maths teachers in each cohort will organise a special maths event at the end of each academic year. These events combine the basic maths knowledge with Chinese culture and problem solving skills in the real world. In additional, annual ‘Family Maths’ parties allow parents and their children to play maths games together.
  • Encourage students’ creative thinking: Pao School encourages students to challenge themselves as well as be innovative. In class, we provide students opportunities to think independently and express their opinions, encourage them to engage in rigorous and logical thinking, and inspire them to exercise their ingenuity. In the learning process, students gradually learn to analyse problems from different perspective, seek solutions, raise questions and be creative