At Pao School Primary Division, we strive to be student-centred, with emphasis on the curriculum meeting the needs of students, rather than students meeting the constraints of the curriculum. For this reason, we have implemented the Cambridge International English (CIE) Curriculum from Primary and through to Secondary to ensure progression and continuity for our learners. Its emphasis is on language proficiency and competence with an international view, meeting the goal of bilingual education and the mission of our school to cultivate a new generation of leaders with an international perspective.

The English framework is divided into five main areas called ‘strands’ which run through every stage: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation, Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

At Primary Division, we pride ourselves in the diversity of our students and celebrate their rich linguistic and cultural heritage. We feel that, given the linguistic diversity of our students, that there is no single text book that would sufficiently address their learning needs. Instead we organise our curriculum around genre in order to build authentic contexts in which children engage in their language and literacy study. By creating a genre-based approach, students are provided the opportunity to transfer these academic skills into other subjects, for example, history, information or explanation text they encounter may contain overlap with EU. We aim to do this in sequence whereby we first expose students to the genre and its features, teach it, where we deconstruct texts of that genre as they move through primary and secondary school. We continue to teach and consolidate these text types across a range of subjects. This genre-based framework enables us to build a progression of learning from Year 1-12. Each year students will be taught approximately six different genre units with assessed pieces at the end of each unit.

The strands of the CIE curriculum framework provide a balanced coverage of the fundamental skills and knowledge of English at each year level allowing for a smooth transition between our primary and secondary campus.


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