Educational Leadership

Accordion Primary School Campus


Cherry Sun, Assistant Head of Pastoral Care (Discipline)/Chinese Teacher

Shanghai Normal University, BA

Cherry has been teaching at bilingual and international schools since 2003, giving her strong CSL experience. She has passed the school psychological counselor training held by Board of Education





Michelle Ip, Head of Student Achievement/English Teacher

Melbourne University, BA, PGDE; Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA

Michelle has been a teacher at YK Pao School for six years and has been working as a primary school English Teacher since 2007. She is currently doing further studies to support students with special language and learning needs.





Diana Zuo, Head of Character Education/English Teacher

New York University, BA in Economics and East Asian Studies; Columbia University, MA in Elementary Inclusive Education

Diana received her teacher certification from New York State where she gained experience teaching all core subjects in Grades 2 and 4. She is an expert in the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project that promotes literacy using workshop methodology. Diana joined YK Pao School in 2009.





Eva Tuecking, Head of Primary Learning Support/English Teacher

Heidelberg University, MA English and Education; University of Strathclyde

Eva has studied in Germany and the UK and has been working in education for more than 12 years. Before she came to Shanghai in 2004, she helped manage a language school in Germany. Eva was a PYP homeroom teacher and EAL teacher at an international bilingual school in Shanghai before joining YK Pao School in 2013.





Mandy Ren, Head of Lower Primary Chinese/Primary Chinese Subject Year Cohort Leader Y3/Chinese Teacher

Shanghai University, BA; East China Normal University, MA

Mandy has 7 years' experience in Chinese teaching and previously taught Chinese at an international school before joining Pao School in 2009, receiving several prizes in the teaching competitions.





Sukie Sun, Head of Upper Primary Chinese/Primary Chinese Subject Year Cohort Leader Y5/Chinese Teacher

Shanghai Normal University, BA

Sukie Sun has much experience in teaching Chinese as a second language and has taught students from countries including UK and America. She has received second prize in the Shanghai Young Teacher Teaching Competition in 2011.





Annie Zhu, Head of Primary PCL 1/PCL Teacher

Shanghai University, BA

Annie has over 11 years' experience in Chinese teaching and has worked previously as a Chinese teacher in an international school and a language training institute in Shanghai.





Lily Jin, Head of Primary CAL/CAL Teacher

Shanghai International Studies University, BA; Shanghai East-China Normal University, MA (on Job)

Lily Jin has many years' experience in teaching and managing CAL in international primary and middle schools.





Fang Qi, Head of Primary Maths/Primary Maths Subject Year Cohort Leader Y3

East China Normal University, BA, MA

Fang Qi has more than 24 years' experience as a mathematics teacher and has also worked in a public primary school in Shanghai as supervisor of Young Pioneers, and in school management.





Emma Shi, Assistant Head of Upper Primary Maths/Primary Maths Subject Year Cohort Leader Y4/English Maths Program

East China Normal University, BA

Emma has many years' teaching experience and worked as a homeroom teacher at a well-known bilingual school.






Vivian Shen, Assistant Head of Lower Primary Maths/Primary Maths Subject Year Cohort Leader Y2/Maths Teacher

Shanghai Normal University, BA

Vivian previously worked in a bilingual school in Shanghai as the homeroom teacher, and taught mathematics bilingually. She was also involved in IB training and running a variety of student activities.





Stephanie Jennings, Head of Lower Primary English/English Teacher

Leeds University, BA

Stephanie is from England. She has worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years in the UK after graduating. In her previous school, she was part of the management team and helped to create and run a teaching programme across several cities in South Yorkshire. This is Stephanie's second year teaching at YK Pao School.





Stuart Willy, Head of Upper Primary English/English Teacher

Sheffield Hallam University, BA Honours degree in Media Studies; Cambridge CELTA

Stuart Willy is from London and has spent three years working in a primary school in the British capital before he joined YK Pao School in 2016.






Yan Wang, Head of Primary EU/EU Teacher

Mudanjiang Normal University, BA

With 15 years' teaching experience at Chinese and international schools, Wang Yan has a solid theoretical foundation and strong scientific research skills, receiving awards in national competitions.





Mohoney Jiang, Head of Upper Primary EU/Chinese, EU Teacher

Shanghai Foreign Languages University, BA

Mohoney Jiang has taught children aged 10-12 at an English Training centre and was an examiner for primary level English Exams.






Sandra Brown, Head of EU Programmes/EU Teacher

University of Otago, New Zealand, Bsc

Sandra joined YK Pao School in 2011 after teaching science at a bilingual school in Kuwait for 2 years. She has a BSc majoring in Food Science from Otago University and a Diploma in Teaching from Auckland University. Sandra teaches EU and Food Technology.





Amanda Casares, Head of Primary Art/Art Teacher

Massachusetts College of Art (Boston), MA and BA in Art Education

Amanda was born in Mexico City. She taught middle school art and yearbook for 8 years in Coronado Middle School in San Diego, USA. She then spent 4 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, teaching art and yearbook at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Before joining YK Pao School Amanda spent 2 years teaching primary art from nursery to year 6 in Bogota, Colombia, at the British International School: Colegio Gran Bretaña.





Dominic Murtagh, Head of Music/Music Teacher

University of Edinburgh, BA; Moray House Institute of Education, PGCE

Dominic taught Music and served as the Head of Music Department at Robert Clack Comprehensive School in East London, and later at Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda. His last post was as Director of Music at St Francis College in Sao Paulo, Brazil.






Jon Kavanagh, Head of PE

Liverpool John Moores University, BA in PE, Sport and Dance

Jon Kavanagh is from the United Kingdom and has 9 years teaching experience. He has worked in the U.K., Vietnam and India before he joined YK Pao School in 2016.






Alanna Yee, Head of ICT/ICT Teacher

University of Connecticut, BA

Alanna has taught ICT in the US as well as ICT and ESL to students in Beijing.






Accordion Middle School Campus

Chris Zhuang, Director of Academic Affairs (Hongqiao campus)

East China Normal University, Biological Sciences; Endicott College Switzerland

Chris has 12 years experience in teaching middle school Science and high school IGCSE Biology. She joined YK Pao School in 2011 as a founding member. Chris is working cross Songjiang and Hongqiao campus to coordinate the entire Junior Secondary teaching and learning.





Shirley Jin, Head of Junior Secondary Chinese Department/Chinese Teacher

Sun Yat-sen University

Shirley has been a Chinese teacher for six years. She also tutored many excellent graduates and received an award for excellent writing. Shirley joined YK Pao School in 2013.




Sue Li, Head of Middle School Maths/Math Teacher

Hebei Normal University, BA

Sue has 12 years of experience in teaching mathematics at a secondary level. She has been working in private schools in shanghai, as both a Math teacher and a class teacher.




Ulrika Kvarnstroem, Head of Middle School English/English Teacher

Jonkopings University, BA

Ulrika spent 15 years teaching in the Swedish school system with experience from all grades (1-10). She served in multiple capacities, including teacher, Head of Year, Head of Department and advisor. Ulrika also spent one year helping out starting a bilingual Middle School in Gothenburg and two years at the IB School, International School of the Gothenburg region before she moved to Shanghai.





Kieran Gray, Head of Middle School Science Department/Science Teacher

Bangor University, BA; University of Bath, Post Graduate Teaching Qualification

Kieran taught at the prestigious Welling borough Preparatory School for 3 years specializing mainly in Science, teaching both at a primary and secondary level. He has coached rugby, football (soccer) and other sports throughout his career.






Jane Hu, Head of Middle School Humanities/Humanities Teacher

Tongji University

Jane joined YK Pao School in 2013. Believing that ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime’, Jane Hu hopes that she will help the students develop their interests in history, improve thinking skills and grow up in a well-balanced way.





Harmony Ritchie, Head of Middle School Fine Arts/Middle School Art 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, BA

Harmony spent three years in Pennsylvania as the director of a historical museum before moving to Kuwait to teach Elementary Art. During her time in Kuwait, Harmony took on roles of multiple capacities, including teacher, volleyball coach, exhibition mentor, set designer, art show curator, NESA workshop presenter, playground designer, data committee chair, and social committee member.




Mark Naylor, Middle School Director of Student Life/Head of Secondary PE Department

Mark has taught for twelve years in schools both in England and internationally. He has experience in a number of middle management roles, including Head of PE, House Co-ordinator and Head of Year.






Jessica Kaufmann, Head of Middle School Language Support/Language Support Teacher

Concordia University, BA; University of Buffalo, MA

Jessica was born in Kingston, Ontario Canada and has lived in Shanghai for 14 years. She spent the last 8 years at Lycee Francais in Shanghai teaching middle school social studies in a highly collaborative and bilingual system. She has also taught TEFL, ESL and English Literature in different middle and high schools. Jessica joined YK Pao School in 2018



Kai Richter, Co-Curriculum Activity Coordinator

Swarthmore College, Degree in Linguistics, Mandarin and Spanish

Kai is originally from the Seattle area and this is his third year at Pao School. He is coming from the Songjiang campus where he served as a Princeton in Asia fellow and worked to coordinate the school’s Zhi Xing China programme.





Accordion High School Campus


Sonya Ohlsson, Director of University and Career Counselling

Johnson State College, Magna Cum Laude; London School of Economics, MSc

Sonya has worked in the field of education and youth development for almost 20 years at both the secondary and university level, working at UC Berkeley, the University of Vermont, and Northeastern University, as well as Westtown School, and at The Field School in Washington, DC.





Helen Jones, IB Coordinator/Art Teacher

Courtauld Institute in London, MA

Helen gained her teaching certificate in the UK and after teaching in England, moved to Saudi Arabia, then Qatar, next to Thailand and now to Shanghai. She has worked in British and American-system schools, teaching IGCSE and IB. Helen joined YK Pao School in 2015.





Helen Sanders, IGCSE Coordinator/Humanities Teacher

St John’s College (University of Oxford), BA; Institute of Education (University of London), PGCE

Helen has 15 years of teaching experience working in several contrasting British State secondary schools before joining YK Pao School in 2014. At her previous school Helen was Director of Learning for the integrated English, Humanities and Science Curriculum as well as lead teacher for sociology.





Peter McCombe, Head of IBDP Review and Authorization/Maths Teacher

Sydney University, BEd; CSU, MEd

Peter has been teaching mathematics since 1984, initially in Sydney and then London and has taught in IB schools throughout Asia since 2001 in Turkey, Cambodia and China. He has worked as a Head of Department, IGCSE Coordinator and Diploma Coordinator. He has worked as an IB consultant since 2010 where he has evaluated and authorised over 30 schools in 15 countries for the DP curriculum team.





Na Zang, Director of Character Development/Humanities Teacher

Fudan University; Endicott College (USA), MA

Na joined YK Pao School in 2005 as the Founders' assistant and later joined the Student Affairs Office, where she coordinated admissions for the Secondary School. In 2011, she joined the Songjiang campus as Academic Affairs Coordinator. Na was also CSL teacher and had been working as Housemistress for three years. Now she is working as Humanities teacher for the Junior Secondary School and as CAS Coordinator in the IB programme.



David Xiong, Director of Chinese Academics

East China Normal University; Anhui Normal University, MEd

David has over 18 years’ teaching experience, and has received numerous teaching awards, including the ‘10 Best Educators Award,’ awarded to educators from Shanghai Public Secondary Schools. Furthermore, he co-edited a major teaching textbook and participated in Shanghai’s regional language teacher’s training and research programs.




Yingyu Le, Head of High School Chinese

Shanghai University

Yingyu joined YK Pao School in 2008 as a member of the Chinese department. She holds a qualification in secondary education teaching.






Echo Cheng, Head of High School Chinese Four Courses/Politics Teacher

East China University of Science and Technology, MA

Echo joined in Pao School in August, 2013. She has wide interests, loves students and hopes to stimulate students' interest in learning and love of life in the process of getting along with them, to become their mentor.





Jianping Yang, Head of High School Maths Department

Nanjing Normal University, BSc Mathematics

Jianping has several years of experience teaching maths and is familiar with Chinese and American maths curricula. With balanced maths and management skills, Jianping has received several awards, such as ‘A-grade Bi-lingual Class Teacher' and the ‘Youth Teaching Skills Award.’





Ivy Wang, Head of Junior Secondary Maths Department

Shanghai Normal University, MA

Ivy has 6 years teaching experience in mathematics and 3 years experience with class management. She was awarded as excellent class teacher for two consecutive years. Furthermore, she undertook and participated in several research programs at the city level and district level and published several papers in core journals. Ivy joined YK Pao School in 2015.





Taryn Smith, Head of Senior Secondary English/English Teacher

James Madison University, MA (Education)/BA (English)

Taryn taught 8th grade English in Staunton, Virginia for 6 years, and this is her second year teaching at YK Pao School.






Patricia Arrieche, Head of Language Support Department

Florida State University BA, MA; Currently completing Doctoral Degree at Concordia University

Patricia has 2-year experience teaching English Language Arts and Reading at the elementary level and 2 years’ teaching English Language Arts at the secondary level. She has also coached softball on the Varsity level.






Stephen Knox, Head of High School Science/High School Chemistry Teacher

Imperial College London, MChem/PhD

Stephen holds an MChem in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science focusing on drug design for his Masters research project. Stephen furthered his drug design research completing a PhD while publishing three academic papers. He has 10 years teaching experience in varied environments including university tuition, private tuition and international schools.




John Coxon, Head of High School Physics/Science Teacher

Hull University, BA; Leicester University, PGCE

John graduated from Hull University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and received his Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Leicester University. He has 30 years’ experience teaching Physics and Science mainly in the north east of England. 




Steven Gaynor, Head of High School Biology/Science Teacher

University of St. Andrews, BA; Kings College London, PGCE

Stephen was born in London and taught secondary Science at a school in North London. He spent 8 years at the Shanghai Singapore International School where he coordinated the IGCSE Programme, led the Science Department, taught IBDP Biology, Environmental Systems & Societies and IGCSE/MYP Sciences. 





Coco Shi, Head of Senior Secondary Humanities Department

Nanjing Normal University and East China Normal University, MA International Chinese Teaching

Coco is a qualified IGCSE and IBDP teacher. With over 15 years of teaching experience, she is experienced in teaching IGCSE and IBDP of humanities courses and TOK. She also leads an after-school Chinese Guqin class and took part in school productions as stage manager. Coco joined YK Pao School in 2010.





Joanne Richardson, Head of High School Drama

University of Sunderland, BA Creative Arts Studies; Durham University with a PgC Secondary Education in Drama and English

Joanne has 15 years’ experience teaching in secondary schools working as a Head of Pastoral, Head of Drama and most recently as a Subject Leader in Performing Arts within the UK. Joanne has lead and directed many productions such as ‘Bugsy Malone,’ ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Grease.’





Kimberley East, Head of High School Art/Arts Teacher

The Kent Institute of Art and Design, BA

Kimberley has more than 7 years of teaching experience in both public and private schools internationally. She was most recently Head of Department for Art and Music at an international school in Guangzhou. In 2016, one of her students achieved the accolade of being the top scoring CIE A-Level Art candidate in the world.





Dawn Morris, Head of High School Music

Dawn is from England and has been teaching Music for 14 years. Her musical studies started at Wells Cathedral School where she studied Piano as her primary instrument. She previously worked at the British School Jakarta (4 years) as Assistant Faculty Leader/Head of Music teaching the entire K12 range. Before that she was at Dulwich College Beijing (2 years). She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and will shortly be completing an MA in Education at Bath University.





Duncan Weller, Dean of Student Life

Brunel University, PgC

Duncan has over 9 years’ experience and has worked as a primary teacher, subject coordinator and grade group leader. He has worked in teaching positions in Uganda, Mexico and the UK.






Martin Jones, Director of Co-Curricular Activities

BA (Hons) Sport and Human Studies; De Montfort University, MA

Martin taught PE in England for 5 years before heading overseas as a Head of PE in Saudi Arabia. He then moved to Qatar where he served as Head of PE and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Principal. He also worked as a substitute teacher and coached rugby.






Jason Borovick, Head of High School ICT

University of New Hampshire, BA in Communications Studies

He is originally from the United States and has worked as an IT manager in schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations. He has been a teacher for the last 16 years. Before joining YK Pao School he was the IT manager and a MYP and DP teacher at an IB school in China where he taught the DP ITGS course and Media Studies to MYP students. He teaches IB DP Computer Science at YK Pao School.





Simone Sancinelli, Head of Football

UAF (college) of Physical Education; MA in Fitness Training by the Football Association

Before joining Pao School in 2013, Simone worked as Head of the Physical education department of the American School of Valencia and coached their Varsity Senior Soccer team.