Ni Guyin

Honorary Headmistress of Pao School

Former Head of Primary School Affiliated to No. 1 Normal University

Director of Shanghai Delight Education Research Institute

Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Primary School Management Organisation




Sir Eric Anderson

Former Headmaster and Provost of Eton College

Former Rector of Lincoln College Oxford






Arthur KC Li

Former President and Emeritus Professor of Surgery of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Former Hong Kong Minister of Education






Li Hanyun

Former Headmaster of Shanghai Yan An High School

Recipient of National ‘Distinguished Principal’ Award







Christopher Stuart-Clark

Founding Headmaster of Chinese International School Hong Kong

Former Director of Admissions, Eton College

Governor of Tonbridge School, UK





Tang Shengchang

Superintendent of Shanghai Star-River Bilingual School

Head of the Shanghai Institute of International Research (SIIR)

Former Headmaster of Shanghai High School

Recipient of the ‘Distinguished Principal’ Award




Betty Peh-T’i Wei

Honorary Research Fellow of Hong Kong University

Honorary Professor of People’s University China

Former Head of Chinese International School Hong Kong





Xie Shengwu

Former President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Deputy Chairman of the Shanghai Science Association






Xu Yongchu

Headmistress of Shanghai No 3 Girl’s High School

Recipient of ‘Distinguished Principal’ Award






Yang Deguang

Former President of Shanghai Normal University

Chairman of the National Higher Education Research Institute






Xia Xiurong

Former Director of Education and Health Committee of Shanghai People’s Congress

Former Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education

Commission under Shanghai Municipal Government